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10 Teen Bedroom Design Ideas Both Kids & Parents Will Love

by Geraldine Orentas

As your kids grow out of their childhood bedroom, it can be hard to find the best design to fit their teenage years. They’re entering a new stage, and it’s here when they really want their bedroom to reflect their personality. So, here’s when giving your teen’s bedroom, a makeover comes into play.

Designing your teen’s bedroom can be an enjoyable project to work on together. You can help them figure out their style and find the right pieces to translate their ideas into a cool bedroom design. Don’t worry, we can also help you with that. To give you some inspiration to get started, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite teenage bedroom ideas that you and your kids will love.

functional teen bedroom

1. For the Functionalist Teen

Working with a small bedroom? This is the perfect example of how to maximize your space. The key here is to introduce functional pieces that can serve as storage, seating space, and more, without sacrificing style and comfort. Functional pieces like the bed-foot bench serve as additional storage space and double as a seating area for friends.

When choosing furniture for your teen’s room, remember to choose pieces with solid construction that feature a timeless design. This allows for your teen’s style to evolve over time. Besides, when your teen is ready to leave the nest, a few tweaks will get this room ready to work as a guest bedroom or a home office.

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boho teen bedroom

2. The Pinterest-Loving Bohemian

This Earth-inspired bohemian bedroom will feel just right for your bohemian teenager. A lovely mix of materials, textures, and styles come together to create a blissful room. What’s great about this room is that it gives your teen the option to expand the decor as they grow older. By incorporating a gallery wall above the bed, they’ll have a space to highlight art, travel memorabilia, and more.

But, parents too will fall in love with this space. The neutral color palette highlighted with warm woods will work lovely as a guest room once your teenagers are no longer home. This is a transitional room that, without a doubt, will grow old with your kid as they walk into adulthood without needing many updates.

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minimalist bedroom for teenager

3. For the Minimalist

Maybe your teen fell in love with the Marie Kondo trend. Perhaps, they’re seeing all these shows on Netflix and have caught the minimalist bug. If that’s the case, this room will fit all of their requirements and still give them enough room to play around if their style changes. When you’re trying to get this look, uncomplicated cladding and wall furnishing are vital for attaining this modern minimalist design right.

As you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll see that black and white color schemes are the go-to options for minimalist bedrooms. This works great for both boys and girls’ teen’s bedrooms, and they’ll easily transition into a guest bedroom if needed.

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glam teenage room

4. The Glamorous Fashionista

If you’re looking for teen girl bedroom ideas, a glamorous room like this one will make all their dreams come true. There is a whole lot of white featured in this design, but the hint of pink is used to cut across the monotony, an otherwise only white bedroom might create. The details of all products used in this glamorous design are what brings it together.

As you’re looking for girl bedroom furniture, walk away from the classic pinks and pastel colors. Instead, opt for white furniture pieces with brass accents to create that stylish look that will easily transition into a modern bedroom in the future. To achieve that glam look, don’t forget to blend in lush textures like velvet and faux fur for that Old-Hollywood glam touch.

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greenery teenage room

5. For the Blogger

This cool teen bedroom is modern and has all the qualities to serve as the perfect background for blogging videos and Zoom classes. In this bedroom design, tones of blush, navy, and aqua are blended together to create a calm and relaxing space that’s cozy. This layout allows for a stairway desk that offers a compact study desk that gives a glimpse of the beautiful bedroom in the background.

Lots of greenery makes this space feel warm and cozy. The touches of pink make it feel young and playful. But if you take that and leave the white furniture, you have a neutral room that can easily work well for everyone.

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gallery wall teenage bedroom

6. The Artist Cave

This bedroom is a bit dramatic, moody, and tons of personality. Sound familiar? This bedroom is a modern urban oasis that will make for a fantastic cave for your budding artist. The gallery wall gives them a central space to show off their pieces and express their personality. Keeping the wall colors neutral, the mix of photos brings the room together and adds that dramatic touch. The small frames also allow for change as many times as they want, continually transforming how the room feels.

To keep everything balanced, the curtains, bedding, and surrounding furniture pieces are kept very minimal. Overall, this teen bedroom is the perfect space to unwind and create their future masterpieces.

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7. For the Colorful Teen

This teen bedroom idea is cool and colorful, almost as if it came out of a movie scene. It’s the perfect room to show off to your friends and family. Small but functional, this bedroom design allows for a lot of uses. By adding the bed hanging canopy, the bed transforms into a lounge space during the day and a magical bed by night.

Every parent knows that teenage rooms can get a bit, well, messy. Right? For this adolescent bedroom, we made sure to incorporate easy storage solutions that can quickly hide clutter. Oversized dressers and tall drawer cabinets are perfect for keeping books, clothes, sweaters, and what have you out of sight.

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transitional teenage room

8. The Transitional Bedroom

When your teenager can’t decide what they want, you have to focus on settling down in a transitional bedroom. Think of this design as a blank canvas that, over time, they’ll get to adapt to their personality as it changes. This Modern Farmhouse bedroom stays classic with an ivory beadboard bed and cream finish nightstand. Ample storage is found throughout the bed, nightstand, bookcase, and dresser while keeping the space clutter-free!

The neutral color palette with pops of colors gives them the freedom to change styles as they grow older. Besides, it gives you the comfort that there won’t be much you’ll have to change once they leave the nest. Try to incorporate open items like the bedside bookshelf to incorporate decorative elements that express their taste without having to paint or transform the entire bedroom.

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emerald teenage room design

9. For the Grown-Up Teen

Looking to break up with stereotypes? If your teen is thinking about designing their room with an adult mindset, then this bedroom design will make them feel right at home. This design incorporates blue and emerald green accents with a brass sputnik style chandelier creating a beautiful, glamorous room. Instead of focusing on crazy wall art, this bedroom design is all about elevated touches with brass accents and glamorous velvet textiles.

Of course, there’s still room to play with the decorative objects that will make this room feel theirs utterly. The open bookshelf gives them plenty of space to transform it and adapt it to their personalities.

girl power teenage room

10. The Girl Power Teen

If you’re looking for girl teenage bedroom ideas that don’t focus on pinks and purples, this eclectic modern design will feel right. This design features a gallery wall that incorporates picture frames, artwork, and a letter board as you enter the bedroom. Instead of the traditional pink colors, we kept the walls neutral to let the decor speak for itself. The hanging chair is a fun addition to the bedroom that makes it a great place to hang out with friends.

The canopy bed adds a level of interest and an additional unexpected layer to the bedroom, making it feel classic and glamorous. Parents can quickly swap the artwork and turn this bedroom into a simple guest bedroom when the time comes.

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