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5 Trending Home Decor Ideas To Go For If You Haven’t Already

by Emily Williams

Trends come and trends go and while we usually have a lot to choose from, some just make their way into the limelight, and for good reason. Every year, designers, editors, online interior decorators, experts of the industry go on this trend hunt and they narrow down the most desirable of the lot. Well, the experts have spoken and though we are well into 2019, it’s always good to get a reminder of the top 5 trending home decor ideas that are just too hot to pass up!


If you’re the free spirited kind, then boho is totally for you. lots of colors, bold designs, mix & match and play with a whole lotta patterns and textures. Time to let your inner boho chic shine

hollywood regency furniture

Hollywood Regency

Save the drama for your mama…or in this case for your home decor because Hollywood Regency is all about OTT!

floral decoration ideas

Back to Nature

Take a step back from all the tech-obsessed decor trends, because 2019 is here to celebrate natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. If you’re looking to create an organic and serene ambiance, then this is for you.

hollywood regency

Va Va Velvet

Lush, plush and perfect – velvet is back and it has got all the right feels. Statement furniture? why not!

hollywood regency interior

Fun Floral

Somethings never fall out of fashion and it’s always true of florals. There since forever, florals are back this year with a fresh and modern twist. Be it bold or subtle, florals in home decor can be incorporated anywhere, and we mean that literally.

hollywood regency style bedroom

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