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50 Tips On How To Decorate The Perfect Modern Christmas Tree

by Divya Dorothy
Mid-Century Modern Christmas Living Room

Is it just us or can you hear those sleigh bells ring-ting-tingling too? Christmas is almost around the corner (believe us, it’s going to come around faster than you know) so, it’s always a good idea to be prepared! If you, like us, can’t wait to decorate your Christmas tree, we’ve got some amazing decor recommendations sprinkled with helpful tips and tricks along the way. Let’s dive right in! 


Our Favorite Christmas Trees 

When it comes to Christmas decor, always start with the tree! We recommend a faux tree as it will keep that lush, green look year after year provided you give it the TLC it deserves! 

Here are a few of our favorite picks for Christmas’20: 

We’re starting off with a gorgeous piece that’s sure to stand out. If you want a tree that’s completely unique yet breathtakingly beautiful, this one’s for you! 


We’ve all heard the saying “good things come in small packages”. Well, they weren’t lying. Look at this snowy white beauty! Petite and pretty, she’s going to shine on your tabletop! 


If you’re looking to make the move to faux Christmas trees, but you’re worried it’s not going to look like the real thing… we’ve got a great find just for you! 


You just can’t go wrong with a pre-lit Christmas tree. They’re beautiful, convenient, and could save you a ton of money (that you could use on those premium ornaments you’ve been eyeing for ages)


If you don’t want to make the commitment of putting up a tree, decorating it, stringing all those lights only to take ‘em all down a month later, here’s a nifty little solution for ya! Place these beauties on your mantle for a gorgeous Christmas-y vibe without any of the work! 


A minimalist’s dream come true, this birch tree illuminated with warm LED lights is a thing of beauty. It works just as well on its own as it does next to a cluster of trees. Bonus: this one is super easy to assemble and stow away when the season is over! 

Look at this gorgeous piece in all its beauty. A 9 foot tree with lush branches that comes pre-lit, could we possibly ask for more? This one’s an absolute no-brainer!


Full-bodied and as green as they come, this beautiful tree is one for the ages. You can tell, this one’s going to be an instant hit with your guests so be prepared for the compliments to come flooding in! 


Another table-top marvel, the Tenebaum ornament tree is the perfect hassle-free pick for those that love Christmas but hate the extra effort! Wherever you place this one, it’s going to grab eyeballs, that’s a guarantee! 


Something for your mantle, this set of wooden trees is sure to bring that holiday spirit into your home. What better place than right over the fireplace. Get yourself some hot cocoa, sit by the fire, and decorate these cuties with some fairy lights for the full Christmas experience! 


Our Favorite Tree Ornaments 

Now that we’ve gotten the tree outta the way, it’s time for the ornaments (yay)! We recommend deciding on a theme before you look for ornaments. Not only does it make your search for the perfect ornaments more defined, your home will also look that much more impressive and put-together! 


Elegant and versatile, these are must-haves! It’s always a good idea to stock up on ornaments that you can use no matter the theme you go with! These beauties will complement just about anything! 


A statement ornament can truly elevate your Christmas tree decor in an instant. A great tip I’ve picked up from my sister is to choose one statement ornament every year. Over the years, you could end up with the most coveted collection of Christmas ornaments ever! This piece is a great place to start. 


Invoke all the good fortune for the next year (God knows we need it!) with these stunning, gold fortune cookie ornaments! These are another example of ornaments that’ll complement any theme you go with! 


Who doesn’t love a little bit of fantasy, right? These gorgeous handblown, glass unicorn ornaments can add a touch of whimsical beauty to your Christmas tree! It’s sure to make your daughters and/or nieces smile! \


Once you’ve decided on a color scheme and theme for your Christmas decorations, finding an ornament set that fits the bill is nothing short of hitting the jackpot! These gorgeous glitter ball ornaments are sure to bring your tree to life! 


These woodland buri ornaments are so gosh-darned cute, there’s literally nothing in our cons column! We can’t think of a single reason you shouldn’t bag ‘em right now! 


Well, if there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, it’s blush-toned anything. Ever since the rose-golds and millennial pinks took over, this hue has been on top of the trending charts! If you’re going with a blush-toned theme, we fully recommend this set. Psst… they’ve also got other colors! 

How cute is this little guy? A great tip while decorating your Christmas tree is to pick out one or two totally unique ornaments that can add a lot of character to your decor. It makes for an interesting find while people are admiring your tree! Like a Christmas edition of Where’s Waldo!


Another totally unique and quirky find were these glass building ornaments. Imagine these on your tree getting all the oohs and aahs you’ve ever hoped for! They’re cute as can be and totally out of the ordinary! 


Who says Christmas ornaments can’t be more than that? Having your Christmas tree send a positive message, express your support, or reflect the things you’re passionate about can be a great way to personalize your decorations.


Our Favorite Stockings 

Stockings are to Christmas decor what cherries are to cakes. It’s the finishing touch that adds that warm, homely feeling that you miss so much when you move out. It’s time to start your own traditions with friends like family and your loved ones! We’ve got some great picks for you, check ‘em out. 

A match-everything stocking is just what you need. Something that’ll stand the test of time and a new theme every year! CB2 finds a way to bring tie & dye and Christmas together… absolute genius! 


Soft as can be and snowy white like the Christmas you’re hoping for, this beautiful stocking stands for everything good and pure in this world! 


Handknotted, traditional, and a delicious Christmas-y red, this is the stocking of all our dreams! Homely, inviting and all-round comfort, this stocking is sure to be stuffed with good memories long after the gifts have been unwrapped! 


How cute is this bunny stocking? Whatever the presents you hide inside it, this stocking is going to bring a smile to a child’s face one way or another! 


Plaid is the epitome of comfort and coziness. This stocking brings all those elements together beautifully giving your mantle a warm and inviting vibe without trying too hard! Sometimes, the joy is in the simplicity of things! 


A stocking to match your Christmas sweaters, this one’s a winner! Pretty patterns in familiar colors and a fresh take on traditional stockings. What could possibly go wrong? 


Add a bit of luxury to your Christmas mornings with these beautiful velvet stockings. Not only does it elevate the style of your space, it also won’t go unnoticed! Prepare for the compliments!

Christmas and pom-poms, two of our favorite things! West Elm found a way to put ‘em together and it just works! Plain white with a bright pop of red for that Christmas-y contrast, this one’s a no-brainer!


Minimalist vibes for the ones who love it clean and simplistic, yet stylish. Handknit with a vintage charm that we love so much, these stockings are all you need to complete your Christmas decor! 


Now that we’ve given you a couple of beautiful options for stockings, how about a sleek and stylish stocking holder that adds to your decor and elevates the style on your mantle. Check out this elegant elephant stocking holder from West Elm, we’re loving it! 


Our Favorite Decor Pieces 

We all know Christmas decor isn’t just about your tree, if you’ve picked a theme for your decor, it only makes sense to ensure the rest of your home follows the same cohesive color scheme. Here are a few beautiful Christmas-themed decor pieces that are sure to turn your home into a decorative masterpiece! 


A stunning, marble sculpture of an angel, all dressed in white resting on your mantle is the picture of grace and elegance. A minimal must-have for the season! 


Give your good ol’ fairy lights a break with these chic, pebble string lights that you can wind around a Christmas garland or a wreath for that extra oomph! They’re so pretty, you won’t be able to stop admiring them and neither will your guests! 


Is it just us or do these candle holders remind you of Disney’s Frozen? We are loving that stark white design with a beautifully intricate snowflake shape for that warm candlelight to peek through!


A super cozy throw to match your favorite Christmas sweater! Bring the holiday season in with style! Throw this over a comfy armchair and let the Christmas movie marathon begin! 


It just wouldn’t be Christmas without those pretty holly berry accent pieces to brighten up your space, now would it? You can place these anywhere from your centre tables to the mantle to set the tone. 


A simple basket of Christmas-y potpourri with its delightful scents and familiar natural elements can truly turn your home into a modern winter wonderland. Place these all over your home as a fun detail to your decor! 


If you’re going for that elegant, sophisticated vibe, you can’t go wrong with these stunning golden reindeer showpieces. We’re giving Rudolph a stylish new spin! 


It’s not Christmas without a dinner party for your closest friends and family! Bring out this stunning holiday-themed dinnerware to truly wow your guests as they feast on a spread so incredible, it’ll be impossible not to Instagram it! 


Quirky with a side of cute, that’s how we like our Christmas treats served! We’ve found just the serveware to complement all those yummy Christmas-y treats that mom used to make us (christmas cookies? Drool)! 


How about setting out these gorgeous dip bowls for Santa? We’re sure he’s going to leave you a couple of extra presents just for that! 


Our Favorite Wreaths & Garlands 

A beautiful wreath is the first thing anyone’s going to see as they walk up to your door, so it’s super important to get juuust right! Same goes for the garland. Whether you choose to place ‘em inside or out, there’s no denying the part they play in your decor. Let’s look at what’s on the top of our list! 


A modern, blush-toned, metallic garland that you can place along with a plain pine fir garland or by itself. No matter how you choose to display it, it’s going to steal the show! 


A gorgeous snowy white wreath to match the wintry wonders of a white Christmas. You can either put in some beautiful red and green baubles or wrap a string of fairy lights around it. 


A classic combo you just can’t go wrong with. The beautiful lush green of the pine leaves with those red berries giving it that classic Christmas color combination. You’ve got yourself a winner! 


A garland of beautiful white berries that’ll look amazing by itself or wrapped around another garland. You can also add a few gold elements for that sophisticated, minimal palette or use baubles and other ornaments to complete the look!


A plain green wreath that comes pre-lit is a timeless style that’ll still look just as gorgeous even 10 years down the line. This one’s like a really great investment. 


It may look too good to be true, but there’s nothing faux about this gorgeous wreath. Made from freshly cut plants and botanicals and artfully arranged to give you that wow factor as soon as you lay eyes on it! 


A beautiful green and gold garland gives your classic colors a glam makeover! Add a dazzling touch to your mantle or your banisters with this stunning piece! 


Bring in that touch of natural, organic goodness to your Christmas decor with this simplistic yet beautiful faux pine and magnolia wreath. Whether you choose to place it on your door or over the mantle, it’s sure to give your space a warm, inviting feel. 


A timeless classic, this beautiful wreath has all the elements that a good Christmas wreath should have! From red berries to pine cones, frosted tips and pre-lit! Doesn’t get more wholesome than this! 


If you like being someone with a totally unique taste, this one’s for you! Take advantage of the seasonal beauty with this all-natural magnolia wreath. Its deep red hues and velvety feel can truly elevate the style of your decor! 


We hope we’ve inspired you to get started on your Christmas decor a little early this year so you’re one of the only people not scrambling at the last moment! Your home can truly be transformed into the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamt of having. Start a project with Spacejoy and our team of expert designers will help you make you dream home come true!

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