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Behind the Design: A Small Modern Eclectic Bedroom

by Geraldine Orentas
Modern Eclectic Bedroom

Picture this, you want to recreate this beautiful mid-century bedroom design you saw on Pinterest. Then, you realize you’re working with a small bedroom, and the idea to masterfully create a small modern eclectic room ends up being more of a challenge than a fun weekend experiment. Let us take you through another “behind the design” story to help you set everything you need for a modern bohemian bedroom with eclectic style influences. 

The Design Challenge

Now more than ever, our bedrooms are our sanctuary, so we want the space to look and feel like we want. But, when you’re working with a tiny space, it can be quite challenging to make sure you fit in everything you want without overcrowding the place. 

Modern Tiny Bedroom

More than a space to sleep, the challenge behind this tiny bedroom was to incorporate a small study-work area, enough storage space to keep it organized, and room to add accents to complete the eclectic bedroom design. And, of course, plenty of shelves to add as many plants as possible. 

Coming Up with Ideas

When it comes to designing an eclectic style bedroom, it doesn’t get more challenging than this. Coming up with ideas meant looking out-of-the-box for stylish storage solutions that all served multiple purposes. 

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

To make it happen, Laura Wright, our online interior designer, took advantage of vertical decor solutions. Using high drawers as storage solutions and also space for decorative accents, she was able to keep everything tidy. A vertical open bookshelf gives the space more depth and adds another layer of intricacy. 

To achieve the modern eclectic style that also showed bohemian touches across the room. A small gallery wall above the desk adds more personality and brightens the room. Using elements like a floor mirror was paramount to make the illusion of a more spacious bedroom. 

Finally, Laura chose to add blue accent walls to create visual length to the bedroom. These are some ideas that can transform a tiny room into an explosive collection of the right amount of pieces. However, don’t go overboard with accessories to avoid making it look cramped. 

The Key Pieces to Make It Happen

To achieve this modern eclectic bedroom style, a few pieces are essential to get that look and feel. Everything from the bed, the side desk, and the burnt orange canopy play a huge role in making this bedroom style pop.

Eclectic Bedroom Bed

Start with the center of the room, the bed. We love how the Tara Platform Bed from All Modern ($254.99) adds a touch of natural elements to the room. Paired with the Ink Ivy Imani Cotton Duvet Cover from Overstock ($90) to add texture and depth. 

Bed Canopy

There’s no doubt this room wouldn’t be the same without the Bed Hanging Canopy from Etsy ($184) on the side of the bed. It creates the illusion that there’s a nook space behind the bed without actually having space for it. 

Cotton Tapestry

This room wouldn’t be what it is without its art accents. Starting with the Little Korboose Organic Cotton Tapestry from West Elm ($160), and the Timeyard Macrame Wall Hanging Bohemian Art Decor from Amazon ($16.99).

Small Bedroom Storage Solutions

Finally, the trick to make this room what it is were the storage ideas. We love how the Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA ($159) and the MALM Drawer Chest from IKEA ($159), helped keep everything tidy. Perfect for keeping away clothes, throws, blankets, and books and studying supplies. Plus, they made the perfect home for little succulents and house plants to dress up the bedroom.

Need Help Designing Your Dream Living Room?

If you’re ready to start working on the tiny bedroom, start a project today. Work with our online interior designers to design your dream eclectic style bedroom using your budget, style, and ideas. We’ll make sure to come up with a tiny space perfect for you that sparks tons of joy.

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