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Behind The Design: Modern Bohemian Bedroom

by Divya Dorothy

With snuggle season closing in a warm and rustic Bohemian bedroom is just what the doctor ordered! Neutral tones, natural finishes and pattern play pull together in this neutral design from Spacejoy designer Lauren Kokenes.  Let’s take you through another “Behind the Design” story with some helpful tips and tricks to set up your own! 

The Design Challenge: 

The bedroom is sacred. It’s your hardest goodbye in the mornings and the place you’re waiting to climb into after a long day. It is home.

Bringing warmth, style, and that rustic bohemian vibe into this space, while also taking into consideration the existing design and decor was the challenge put forth to Lauren. The room needed to have ample storage without taking away its spaciousness or looking too busy. 

Coming Up With Ideas:

Styles, fabric, tones, and finishes play a big part in contributing to the overall vibe of a Bohemian bedroom. Lauren, our expert designer, chose a neutral palette to complement the wooden flooring and ceiling while also offering the owner a calming space to unwind in. 

She has made great use of the vertical space available for storage. Every corner and surface has been used, whether for more storage or for accent pieces that tie the bohemian decor together. 

Additionally, she’s used the layout to help the room look larger. The arrangement of the furniture is a great example of what you can do with small rooms to give the illusion of more space. Lauren has placed a wardrobe along with a standing shelf on one wall and a dresser with plenty of surface area on the other. She has also created a little reading nook with a lovely standing lamp so the client can enjoy some quality me-time. 

Don’t forget to add accents and pops of color, they can really bring life into a room, especially if you are also going with a minimal palette like the one Lauren has chosen here. 


The Key Bohemian Pieces You Need: 

Everything from the bed and bedding to the nightstands, dresser, and wardrobe have been carefully picked out by Lauren to create this masterpiece of a bedroom (if we may say so ourselves). 

Let’s start with the bed, this gorgeous Chadwick Tufted Button Upholstered Platform Bed from Wayfair ($163.99) sets the tone of the space and is the first thing your attention is drawn to. Flanking either side are two beautiful Minsmere 2 Door Cabinets from Target. The cane detailing adds playful texture to the room while its natural brown tone accentuates the Bohemian vibe. 

The spaciousness of the room is credited to Lauren for her smart usage of wall space. She has optimized the space next to the closet for additional storage. The Scout Narrow Bookshelf from West Elm is the perfect size to fit right into small spaces while offering plenty of room to store your essentials! 

No bedroom is complete without a dresser. The Cayuse 6 Drawer Double Dresser from Wayfair is the perfect addition to any Bohemian bedroom! It perfectly fits the decor while giving you enough surface area to display photo frames or your favorite little succulents.

This room wouldn’t look the way it does without a few key accessories that tie the decor together beautifully. Place candles into the Priyanka Woven Hurricanes by Anthropologie on a chilly night or curl up by the pretty Madrot Glass Globe Floor Lamp from Target on a Saturday evening. And to tie it all together, we’ve got the beautifully patterned Jute Lattice Rug from Pottery Barn.

Need Help Designing Your Bohemian Bedroom?

If you’re ready to start working on your bedroom, start a project today. Work with our online interior designers to design your dream bohemian style bedroom using your budget, style, and ideas. We’ll make sure to come up with a design just perfect for you that sparks tons of joy.

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