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Best Home Decor Pieces from Urban Outfitter’s Marte Collection

by Spacejoy

The minimal modern collection, Marte by Urban Outfitters, we can’t seem to get over. Whenever we introduce one of these pieces in our designs, either to achieve the modern boho look or the contemporary farmhouse chic look, our customers light up!

It’s hard, but if we were to pick some favorites from the Marte collection, then here goes.

Marte Ottoman:

Part of our modern-minimal Marte collection, this versatile ottoman is the perfect piece to accent any space. Crafted from natural, sustainable wood and rattan accents, This one can swing in so many ways ( pun intended)
Use it as a seat for your dresser. Can work as a side table by the bed. A footrest when you want it to be or can even act as your emergency chair when the party you threw saw more guests than what your chair could handle.

Marte Ottoman from Urban Outfitters in Rattan
Marte Ottoman from Urban Outfitters

Nousa Woven Rug:

Hand-woven in Greece, the minimal Naousa rug accents any space in a unique way. The slub-textured cotton feels oh-so-nice on bare feet. This piece may not be from the Marte collection, but we are sold on how well this will add up with all the other Marte pieces. And who doesn’t like a trimmed rug with a natural fringe?

Nousa Woven Rug from from Outfitters
Nousa Woven Rug

Marte Lounge Chair: 

 We can totally imagine spending our off days lounging in this perfect chair! If we were to drink our coffee at home, then this is where we’d like to be seated at all times. We can also see ourselves binge-watching an entire series without awkwardly cramping. Can we imagine listening to our favorite podcast or simple plonking ourselves here with a book? Absolutely!

Will make for a stunning highlight piece in any room. 

Marte Lounge Chair from Urban Outfitters in Rattan
Marte Lounge Chair

Marte Platform Bed:

 We may not put this in the main bedroom, but this can definitely feature in our guest bedrooms. It will surely impress even your harshest critiques with it’s chilled out vacation vibe. A throw on the rattan headboard can be a chic way to style this as well. 

Marte Platform Bed from Urban Outfitters
Marte Platform Bed

Marte 6 Drawer Dresser:

A versatile product that can work as a dresser as intended to. Or Store your extra bedding and towels. Or simply put in all those pesky little things around the house that needs a place to hide in an oh-so-chic manner. Honestly, we are glad it only has a hint of rattan as a detail. That’s what makes this a fascinating must-have.

Marte 6 Drawer Dresser from Urban Outfitters in Rattan
Marte 6 Drawer Dresser

Marte Nightstand:

We wouldn’t pair this directly with the Marte bed. Let’s not be an overkill. But We would use this in a design that is looking for a touch of boho. It’s simple, doesn’t take too much space, and is a total stunner.

Rattan night stand from Marte collection Urban Outfitters


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