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Best Picks from Anthropologie’s Home Decor Collection

by Spacejoy

Velvet is here to stay!  We are quite happy about it though we know this is a controversial stance! We are rooting for it not only because its ultra-luxe but also because the velvet of the current day is a new and improved version – It’s easy to care, on the pocket, and of course, it’s durability. 

Anthropologie’s newest arrivals are also pointing in this direction! From décor to furnishing to furniture, the range includes it all! 

It’s always hard picking favorites, but here are some top choices our designers are using in their designs.

The Sunday Chaise Sectional

Ready to transform your room into an ultra-luxe abode? Then get the sectional either in dark green on a lighter shade. We are rooting for both. Imagine lounging in the softest velvet, who would ever feel like getting up? 

Florence Chaise

Perfect for curling up with a good book or a glass of wine, this roomy chaise is an exquisite piece that invites warmth into any space. Especially perfect if you don’t want to invest in an entire sectional.

Beverly throw and the Molly Plaid Blanket

 These two blankets will offer the perfect finishing touch to a sofa and even work as a bedspread. This oh-so-soft blanket, according to our designers, falls in the must-have category.

Adelina Slub Velvet Pillows

 If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up to your couch or chair, then these velvet pillows will do the trick. It’s understated yet powerful enough to soften any seat! 

Kantha stitched velvet quilt

 Burnt orange is such a fall color. Warm and cozy begins with this luxurious bedding. We especially love the contrast stitching, which adds an unexpected twist to the relaxed look, and the feel of matte velvet is a unique work of art.

Dogwood Trippy Wall Art

 Designed by artist Susan Hable, the line drawing depicting florals brings an undeniably modern touch to a wall with a subtle feminine sensibility.

Paradisa Wallpaper and the Cheetah Rug

 Art Deco on your mind? This wallpaper or the Cheetah Rug is the perfect statement piece to invest. We don’t recommend adding them together in the same room, but you go ahead and try if you are feeling particularly bold!  

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