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Creating the Perfect Modern Eclectic Gallery Wall with Society6

by Geraldine Orentas

It’s no secret that our team of designers has a love affair with gallery walls—just check out our interior designs page for a plethora of beautiful, vibrant and well designed ideas. Like our designers, our customers are also obsessed with bringing this design focal point into their homes. It’s not too hard to understand why both our designers and customers gravitate towards these eye-catching displays.  A modern eclectic gallery wall is a fabulous way to infuse color, patterns, and showcase your personality. Besides, if you’re trying to master an eclectic aesthetic, it can be the focal point of your entire room. 

Let’s work on creating the perfect modern eclectic gallery wall using beautiful prints from Society6. For this gallery wall, we’ll be combining large maximalist style prints, intertwined with some mid-century art, and balanced out with a few minimalist ones. Ready? Let’s do this (insert high-five here). 

Start with Maximalist Prints

Set the stage with the boldest and biggest prints in your collection. These will drive your color palette and overall theme. The best thing about eclectic gallery walls is that you can mix and match different themes and styles, so be creative! You can play with their frames to add textures and depth to the gallery wall and create a more intriguing look. 

Add Some Mid-Century Classics

Eclectic aesthetics not only combine different styles, but they also merge various time periods. Some classic combinations are modern and contemporary prints with traditional mid-century art to create a harmonious and exciting gallery wall. Of course, you can mix different styles like bohemian, rustic, or contemporary design pieces. 

Create Balance with Minimalist Art

While a gallery wall is known for being cluttered and cumbersome, it doesn’t have to feel disorganized. Create balance by incorporating minimalist art that serves as a breather to the eye and the room. These are pieces that by no means are dull, but instead, they create a cohesive look that matches your overall aesthetic. Obviously, you can create an entire modern eclectic wall using only minimalist prints if you wish. 

Tips to Create the Perfect Modern Eclectic Gallery Wall

Before you start shopping and curating art prints like crazy, you must know a few basic “ground rules” if you wish to make sure your gallery wall makes a lasting positive impression. After all, creating a gallery wall is much more than hanging pictures. 

Think Colorfully

Color plays a massive role in eclectic designs. Think of a color palette and choose the different elements stemming from the shades and tones that complement this primary color. Beyond this, think of what color metals and different finishes look best with these colors, so you can play with the frames and other decorative elements you choose. Make sure to work with complimentary or contrasting colors to prevent the wall from looking too disheveled. 

Choose a Theme

If sticking to a specific color palette isn’t your idea of your dream eclectic gallery wall, then try choosing a motif. For example, if you found a beautiful piece of wood that you want to display, make it a rustic gallery wall that incorporates different natural elements. Or choose a boho style wall and add rugs, wall decals, and weaved pendants to bring in texture. Remember, the possibilities are endless. 

Measure Everything

If you’re a beginner, we recommend sticking to art prints like the ones we shared above. This way, it will be easier for you to arrange your gallery wall following the corners. If you want to experiment a bit further with different shapes and elements, you need to measure everything. Make sure that each piece you hang on your gallery wall is level and follows some structure. We always recommend using either the frame inserts of pieces of construction paper to preview what the gallery wall will look like before committing to specific positioning. It’s our go-to gallery wall hack.

Let’s Create Together

Are you feeling inspired after seeing all these beautiful prints? We know designing an eclectic gallery wall can be an overwhelming challenge. Start a project today, and let’s collaborate on creating the ultimate gallery wall for your home. Whether you want to add one by your living room, bedroom, and even your home office, we’ll help you bring a spark of joy to your space. 

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