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How To Effectively Use Cushions for Room Decoration

by Spacejoy

Every year there is one trend that trumps all others…one accessory that is the star of the show. This year, it’s the humble cushion. Often seen only as an accessory and not the “star of the show”, cushion now have proved that they have the potential to completely change the way a room looks.

So, what makes them so popular? Is it their simplicity? versatility? or is it the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality that they embody? Well, truth be told, it is all of the above. They are so versatile that you will always find the perfect cushion for the perfect room, no matter the style or space. They are so simple that accentuating them is absolutely genius – not only is it cost-effective, but no matter where you shop for home decor, you will pretty much always find a good variety of cushion to choose from. They are functional, because who doesn’t like something soft to rest upon and aesthetic too, given their sheer variety in styles and patterns.

To further establish our point, below are 5 interior designs where thanks to cushions or pillows the look of the entire room was complete!

Mid-Century Living Room

Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary BedroomTransitional Living Room

Transitional Living Room
Hollywood Inspired Bedroom

Hollywood Inspired Bedroom
Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room

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