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Design Hacks – Clever & Inexpensive Decor Ideas to Upgrade your Home

by Spacejoy

We’re all looking to take our homes to the next level and with these clever and inexpensive home upgrades you can ease and breeze your way to a smarter, better and a more functional home.

Organize your kitchen pantry with pull out drawers. How does this make your life easier? Well you can now segregate each drawer to contain a particular type of product. All you need to do is buy some inexpensive drawers from your local hardware store and you’re set. You save on purchasing an entire unit which is probably made out of very expensive wood and you get to decide on the size and shape of the drawers as well. The best part is that this technique works for a linen drawer as well in your cupboard.

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Replace all your old ceiling lights with lampshades! This one is particularly genius. Let’s admit it, the old ceiling light is hardly of any use ever because of several reasons, the glass encasement is old and stained and most of the times the light bulb is not powerful enough. An easy way out of this is to simply attach a lampshade where the ceiling bulb used to be. It looks great, the light is more amplified and you can go crazy with all the different types of lampshade designs.

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In-built counter storage for fruits. We have all been in that situation where we’ve frantically removed our giant basket for fruit and tried to place it somewhere else to increase space for us. Well you never have to suffer from this situation again. Instead of hunting for fruit bowls just install in counter fruit storage cubby holes in your dining table or your kitchen counter. You can comfortably store your fruits in a clean and dry space and it makes for a great surprise for your guests.

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Sometimes we just do not know what to do with the doors of our giant cupboards and sometimes we don’t even have the choice of getting rid of the entire thing. Well no more frowning at them doors any more. All you have to do is get yourself a cheap mirror (make sure you get the length and the breadth right), paint it the same color and install it right on the door itself. In doing so not only are you increasing the aesthetic appeal of the room but you’re also enabling yourself with a full length mirror that you can get ready in front of.

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Vertical kitchen cabinets are a life saver as well as a space saver. Not only do these things allow you to store more things in a smaller place you can actually add multiple cabinets in an area where you would have only been able to have only one.

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So now that you know that neither time nor money pose as barriers, happy living!

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