Home Design Ideas Give Your Plants the Home of Their Dreams with These Garden Room Ideas

Give Your Plants the Home of Their Dreams with These Garden Room Ideas

by Geraldine Orentas
Garden Room for Plants

With summer months amongst us, the idea of spending time outdoors is more and more enticing. Whether you are sipping a glass of rose, giving your plant babies the home of their dreams or entertaining a couple close friends, we love the emerging trend of garden rooms. These garden rooms, sometimes known as sunrooms, are the perfect way to connect the indoors with the outdoors and create a relaxing space to spend time reading, entertaining, or daydreaming. 

If all this sounds like a magnificent idea, keep reading to learn how to create a garden room and design that is perfect for your plants. 

1. Divide and Conquer 

The whole idea of garden rooms is that they’re separate. Whether you have them in your backyard or your patio, they’re meant to feel and look like a different room. To make this happen, there are various items you can add to your garden room. 

If you’re working with a small patio space, choose an outdoor rug to separate the room. We love this boho-inspired Bungalow Rose Vandewa Tribal Outdoor Rug from Wayfair to start breaking up the area and frame the garden room.

Tribal Outdoor Rug

If you have more space to play around, consider adding a panel divider to separate the room. We love the organic feeling of the Josepha 4 Panel Room Divider from Wayfair. It even has built-in shelves to add some small planters and give your babies a beautiful home. Not to mention, it gives you the much-needed privacy you want in your garden room. 

Panel Room Divider

2. Add Furniture That’s Worth Having a Conversation About

Your garden room, more than becoming your plant’s new home, should be your oasis to escape from daily stress. Make sure you choose furniture that matches your needs. Conversational outdoor furniture is best for entertaining and can fit marvelous in a large backyard. It should double as the perfect setting for outdoor dinners surrounded by nature and your loving plants. 

For backyards, the definition of conversational furniture is this Eaman Sectional Seating Group from AllModern. The complete sectional makes it perfect for sitting down with friends and sharing stories and laughts. With built-in side tables on each end, everyone will have a blast.

Sectional Seating Group

Don’t worry, if you want to create a garden room in your small apartment patio, you still can. Choose an outdoor egg chair to create a little nook where you can read, eat, or relax. We love the Cutter Teardrop Wicker Patio Lounge Chair from Target for the perfect solo-seating area.

Patio Lounge Chair

3. Light It Up

Your garden room should be available to you whenever you want. We can imagine having brunches, a quick afternoon lunch, or dinner in our garden rooms. You can turn to it for meditations, or even watching a movie when the weather is just perfect. So don’t forget to add lighting that sets the tone for the room. 

Nothing sets the stage for the perfect garden room like string lights. We adore these Globe String Lights from Crate and Barrel that add lighting and personality to our new favorite room. 

String Lights

4. Add Planters — Everywhere

Now that you have the bones of your garden room, it’s time to bring your plants to their new space. Make sure to add as many planters as you can, both on the floor and ceiling, even on the walls to surround yourself with plants. We think a great place to start is with this Gaia Pot from Anthropologie to place some succulents on your table. 

Then, bring these Rattan Standing Planters from Urban Outfitters for your larger plants. Place these behind your seating area to incorporate them into the furniture layout. Don’t forget to use your vertical space, especially if you’re working with a small room. We love this Zola Hanging Pot Planter from CB2 to add more texture and a fun look to our new garden room. 

Let’s Design Your New Garden Room

Not sure how to start? Don’t worry. Start a project today and work with our online interior designers to create your dreams’ garden room. We’ll collaborate with you to design a garden room that follows your unique style and budget. Let us help you create the home of your plants’ dreams. 

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