Home Style Guides Here’s How to Add Greenery into Each Room of Your Home

Here’s How to Add Greenery into Each Room of Your Home

by Divya Dorothy

Here’s How To Add Greenery Into Your Home Decor

Greenery At Home

Spending so much time at home can take a toll on you, especially if you’re a traveler at heart. If you’re coming down with a serious case of fernweh, we recommend bringing the outside indoors! We all love nature in its varied forms. You may have been a beach bum or a mountain spirit BC (before Covid-19). But of late, everyone’s a homebody. As we all patiently wait indoors for our chance to travel again, why not bring the beauty of nature indoors? It’s not the real thing, but it’s pretty close! You’ll be surprised at what a few plants can do to liven up your space. 

Plants bring a positive, soothing vibe into your home. It’s an instant pick-me-up! Some even go the extra mile and purify the air in your room. 

If you don’t have the time or the patience to care for house plants, you can always go with artificial plants or dried branches that require little to no maintenance. 

Spacejoy’s expert designers have put together a guide on using plants as home decor. Let’s go! 


The Entrance

Entryway The entrance of your home is where you make that crucial first impression. As a host, you must ensure that your entryway is warm and inviting while exuding class and sophistication. You can always count on plants to beautify just about any space in the house, the entrance being no exception. 


Hang A Wreath (even if it isn’t Christmas)! 


A wreath is a sign of a welcoming home. You can choose to include seasonal flora and fauna in your arrangement for a nice touch. Spring wreaths can consist of fresh flowers and oh-so-green leaves, while a wreath for fall could be a vibrant mix of fiery oranges and crisp reds.  


Plants By The Door


Place a few large potted plants by your main door to give yourself a lovely little welcome every time you walk in or out of your house. You can place potted plants all along your stairway (if you have one) or simple on either side of your door. Plants are a great way to make your house feel more like home. Nothing like bright colors and fresh scents to lift your mood! 


The Living Room

Living Room

Your living room is the next in line when making first (maybe second) impressions. Indoor decor can say a lot about you as a person. Guests coming over for the first time will be able to recognize your tastes, preferences, and even your personality type. So, don’t take living rooms lightly! Plants automatically liven up just about any space you put them in. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can seamlessly incorporate it into your living room decor


Wall Plants 

Wall Plants

Hang a few planters from your walls to liven up your living room. Switch out old art pieces and give your living room a natural makeover! Find copper planters or marble planters if you want to go minimal and hang them up on your wall. You can look for interesting geometric patterns in which to hang your planters. This will bring an element of aesthetic symmetry into your living room. And who doesn’t want that? 


Make It Your Centerpiece


A coffee table without a centerpiece can feel like it’s missing something. Here’s a great way to incorporate greenery into your living room. Pick out fresh flowers in bloom for the season and use them as your centerpiece. It doesn’t always have to be flowers. An exciting mix of greens can make beautiful yet unique arrangements that your guests won’t stop complimenting. If you’re someone who already has a garden at home, you can channel your creative side and arrange your own centerpieces with the plants you’re growing. There’s nothing like a personalized centerpiece to bring in the compliments! 


Shelf Decor

Shelf Decor

Shelves in the living room are pretty standard. Usually, these shelves display books, memorabilia, photographs, etc., as a way to impress your guests. We recommend adding plants to that list. A fresh pop of green is just what your display shelf needs to look entirely refreshed! If you have a small living room, you can layer tall plants with smaller ones to add depth and height to your space. 


The Dining Room 

Dining Room

Your dining room is where you’ll host everything from your little one’s birthday parties to lavish Sunday brunches with your favorite couples. A dining room should look elegant but feel cozy and inviting. This is where you’ll share family meals, celebrate wins and fix a bad day with home-cooked deliciousness. Cozy up your space with plants that set the mood! 


Table Decor 

Bar Cart

Decor experts and staging designers have been using leaves and branches to create a rustic, homely vibe on the dining table. Lay out that delicious meal you’ve spent all day cooking on some gorgeous greenery. You will create an extraordinary dinner table setting for your guests. It won’t be a meal they’ll soon forget! 

You can even add glass vases with a grand floral arrangement or re-use your old wine bottles as centerpieces for special dinners. Peel the label off clear wine bottles and fill it with water. Then, place a few sprigs of rosemary or fern in it and put it on your table as a decorative accent. Your guests will love it, that’s a guarantee! 


Bar Carts 

A bar cart is a versatile, stylish decor item you can use to store just about anything. So, why not switch out those empty bottles for some fresh greenery instead? It’s sure to liven up the space while also giving your portable bar a super contemporary look! Place herbs like rosemary and lemongrass on your bar cart. You will enjoy pouring yourself a delicious drink and garnishing it with freshly plucked herbs, we promise! 


The Bedroom 


Your bedroom is where you go to rest and relax. It’s true what they say. Your bedroom truly is your hardest goodbye and your most-awaited hello. When you think about creating a calming space where you can leave your worries at the door, the bedroom is the ideal choice. The easiest way to create a soothing atmosphere is to incorporate plants into your space. 


Purifying Plants 

Purifying Plants

You have plants like the Peace Lily or the English Ivy that can pretty up your space and purify the air around you! This is why they’re great choices for your bedroom. You can hang these plants on your walls or place them in the corner of your bedroom. We suggest you put them close to you so you can reap the advantages. Sound sleep, here we come! 


Bed Frame 

Frame your bed with a garland of fresh leaves or artificial leaves if the real deal is too high maintenance for you! Faux garlands are a great way to add greenery to your decor without being overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a plant parent! You can easily transform a minimally designed bedroom by placing a simple garland of greenery around your bed frame. It can brighten up your space and create a soothing atmosphere for when you’re looking to relax and unwind. 


The Kitchen 


What’s the happiest space in a home, you ask? We say it’s wherever the food is, and you’ll have to agree! Your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook. It can be the place you have your morning coffee in every day. It can be the place you made your favorite memories with your children. The kitchen is a factory of fun and food, a place of pure joy. You can accentuate that feeling by adding a few fresh plants and having your space look the way it feels! 


Herb Garden 

If you love to cook, chances are you’ve dreamt of having your very own herb garden someday. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer! Plants in the kitchen can liven up the space, but it doesn’t have to do just that. You can plant herbs and spices that you use ever so often in your kitchen, and before you know it, you’ve got a fully functioning herb garden! Isn’t that neat? 

If you’re struggling with space in a small kitchen, we recommend using a plant ladder. You can use it to display some of your other quirky decor accents as well! 


Mantle Decor 

People usually use their mantles to display their favorite decor pieces, and we love that! But, here’s an idea for the next time you’re redecorating. Try putting in multi-functional plants. You have plants that look beautiful, adding to your decor. There are plants that can purify the air. Some plants can even ensure your space always smells fresh and clean! Eucalyptus plants, for example, emit a fresh fragrance that makes your space feel purified and clean. You can allow your plants to stand out by keeping the rest of your decor understated. 


We hope these tips and tricks have helped you add a few fresh bursts of greenery into your decor. If you have any questions or want help creating a personalized space, start a project with Spacejoy today! Our team of expert designers is waiting to get started on your new home. Till then, happy decorating! 


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