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How 3 Bloggers Used Spacejoy for Online Interior Design Help

by Geraldine Orentas
Spacejoy Modern Kids Bedroom Design

People think bloggers work all on their own. Sometimes, bloggers need a bit of help to make their dreams a reality. Spacejoy partnered with a couple of lifestyle bloggers to give them the online interior design help they desperately needed to figure out how to style their favorite rooms. From children’s room to a tiny home office, and a living room that had some strong foundational pieces but needed a bit more help to spark joy.

Spacejoy x Home Bloggers

At Spacejoy, we love fostering relationships with homestyle bloggers who are looking for creative ways to turn their homes around. By working with their existing furniture selection and styles, our designers had an exciting challenge to tackle. But, in the end, the results speak from themselves, and the pictures are beyond this world.

I love a fabulous before and after, but these rooms are shockingly amazing. Some of these design makeovers happened in just one round of suggestions. Others had a bit more of a collaborative and back and forth design process to make sure these bloggers had the perfect room in their homes.

From switching up a “boy’s only” room into a nautical dream for Ana Isaza’s kids. To giving a 360-degree transformation to the tiniest home office, you can imagine. And finally, revamping a classic farmhouse style living room by incorporating modern pieces and a more functional layout.

These are some of the best stories of working with TK bloggers using the Spacejoy design service to reimagine their homes one bedroom at a time. Hopefully, these stories will get you inspired to start re-dreaming and re-imagining your home’s decor.

Making Ana Isaza’s Nautical Boys Bedroom a Reality

Online Interior Design Help for a Nautical Kids Bedroom

Like many parents moving into a new home, Ana Isaza from Modern House Vibes struggled with the layout for her kid’s bedroom. Working with a tiny room and trying to fit two beds and furniture made this a design challenge she wasn’t sure she could tackle.

Her biggest struggle was making sure the boy’s room would transition with them as they grew older. She desperately wanted to avoid having to re-do their bedroom every couple of years because the kids would outgrow the aesthetics and the design. Part of this challenge was why we settled on the nautical theme that could easily grow up with the kids by merely swapping decorative elements here and there.

Luckily, she partnered with Spacejoy, and our online interior designers were ready to help her solve this exciting design challenge. To start the process, she chose to start a project and finish the style and budget quiz to help our designers know their unique interior design needs. Then, she submitted a couple of pictures of the boy’s room and her current layout.

After submitting all the information, Ana was paired with Maria Castillero, who creatively designed two different concepts to help Ana maximize her small space and still create a transitional bedroom for her kids with the nautical vibe she was going for. Ana was so happy with the design that she didn’t even have more edits. She went straight ahead to the shopping phase, which she can do without ever leaving Spacejoy through her customized shopping list. A before and after we love seeing.

Maximizing Tanna Wasilchak’s Tiny Home Office

Online Interior Design Help for Small Home Office

Around Spacejoy, our online interior designers are always waiting for their next challenge. When we heard about Tanna’s home office, we couldn’t wait to get creative and find smart maximizing solutions for her small space. Our interior designer Heather Wise was up to the challenge. After speaking with Tanna, she was on a mission to reimagine her home office. All while using existing furniture and rearrange the layout to maximize every inch of the room.

In Tanna’s words, “my office was all sorts of chaotic and I was okay just living with it. I wanted more for the space but didn’t really know what to do to maximize the space … I mean, can you believe I worked in such a disorganized mess?”

For this space, Heather focused on keeping Tanna’s existing furniture. All while also incorporating some strategic pieces and storage solutions to make the room flow better. After a couple of suggestions, some perfectly placed shelves, and a reimagined clothing rack, Tanna’s office transformed. We created a beautiful, productive, and organized space that sparks creativity.

For this home office, the statement gallery wall is everything. It serves as the perfect background for YouTube videos or Zoom meetings, but it also keeps the room fresh and exciting. As her taste changes, Tanna can swap some of these art pieces or blend in different prints according to the seasons to continue upgrading her home office space without having to do a complete overhaul makeover.

A Quick Refresh for Kelly Mixon’s Living Room

Online Interior Design Help for Modern Farmhouse Living Room

It’s funny how sometimes people think lifestyle and decor bloggers don’t need interior design assistance. For Kelly Mixon from Dimples & Deadlines, her living room didn’t feel like home, and after countless attempts to rearrange the furniture, it wasn’t working. Her partnership with Spacejoy was almost the perfect coincidence. It was the answer to her worries about creating the perfect farmhouse style living room to complete her newly built home.

“When we moved into our new build last year we were so excited to decorate it. Like, so excited. We soon discovered that we are not interior designers and have no idea what we’re doing in that department,” confesses Kelly.

Kelly worked with our designer Maria Castillero, who transformed the cluttered living room into the modern farmhouse living room of Kelly’s dreams. To make it happen, we kept many of Kelly’s furniture pieces; it was more about rethinking the layout to give the living room its own space within the open floor plan. We love this airy before and after the design story.

It was funny to listen to Kelly’s struggle because so many of us have the same fight. You buy all of these fantastic furniture and accessories, but then you aren’t quite sure how to blend everything together. In the end, you have great pieces that don’t look cohesive. By working with Maria, Kelly was able to see her furniture through a different set of eyes and reimagine her living room’s layout to give the space a new vibe and overall aesthetic.

See What You Can Do with Online Interior Design Help

Listen, you don’t have to be a blogger to work with Spacejoy. Thanks to our affordable design packages, you can work with an online interior designer and get the home of your dream. We will work tirelessly until every room in your home gives you a spark of joy when you walk in.

Are you feeling inspired? Are you tired of seeing that one room you can’t figure out how to style and arrange? Stop feeling stressed about how to arrange these rooms and seek help. Start a project today. Our online interior designers are a click away to help you turn your interior design dreams into reality. We want to help you create rooms that spark a bit of joy. If you have a quick question, remember to check out our Designer Hotline for online interior design help today.

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