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We’re Showing You How to Pull Together a Dream Modern Eclectic Living Room

by Geraldine Orentas
Eclectic Living Room Style

Modern eclectic living rooms are trending everywhere. Whether we’re seeing these spaces in our Instagram feed or through the endless interior design inspiration boards on Pinterest, these bright and cozy spaces are hard to miss. Out of all interior design styles, eclectic decorating can seem like one of the most challenging styles. We’re sharing our 4 simple rules for creating the modern eclectic living room of your dreams.

Rule 1: Be ALL About Textures

Texture is just as big of a part of modern eclectic design as vivid colors and prints are. Mix and match rough and smooth to help create interest and depth in the overall look. Consider shaggy throw pillows, thick fabrics on furniture, distressed wooden accent pieces, and sleek finishes on shiny metals. While we LOVE texture, it is important to remember not to go too overboard.  Remember to use one texture at least three times in different spots throughout the living room to keep it cohesive. To get this look, we love mixing these texture-rich decorative accents from Anthropologie above.

Rule 2: Think About the Layout

It can be easy to get carried away with an eclectic space. The layout is probably one of the essential parts in an eclectic living room. Think about what you want the main function of your living room to be. Is it for entertaining, relaxing or conversations? Before you start purchasing decor, think about the space and what type of furniture fits the needs.

Once you’ve decided on the function and layout on the room, create the focal point. Funky focal points are at the heart of eclectic design. Since this design style is known for combining styles, periods and collections, not having a focal point can confuse the decor and function of the room.  Choose an eye-catching element like an accent wall, a bold decorative piece above the mantle of your fireplace, or maybe an eclectic gallery wall. Here are some ideas (pictured above) from Urban Outfitters to help you get started.

Rule 3: Don’t Forget About Utility and Practicality

When shopping for an eclectic living room, it’s easy to forget that it is meant to be lived in. Most people add decorative elements without considering their utility and practicality, resulting in a living room they cannot use. It all comes back to the layout and the purpose of the room. When adding new decorative elements, think outside the box and look for functional pieces that do more than add a pop of color and texture.

Remember, you can still use drink trays, card tables, and baskets that are colorfully textured, and exude that eclectic aesthetic you’re looking for. All while helping you create a cozy, livable atmosphere to your living room. Consider some of these pieces (pictured above) from Crate and Barrel’s new collection.

Rule 4: Try to Find Balance and Harmony

Don’t be inconsistent. While eclectic style is varied, the elements in your living room should complement each other. Make it a goal to find balance in your decor. Use similar lines to create harmony. Even when your pieces are different styles, textures, and periods- there should always be some sort of stle element to tie them together.

Forget about the “anything goes” mentality people have with eclectic design. You want to layer different styles and pieces, but you don’t want it to look distracting or oversaturated. Make sure you keep a balance on the number of contrasting styles you have in one room. For example, you are blending Mid-Century furniture pieces with rustic farmhouse accents. If you go this route, focus on those two styles and play with modern and vintage pieces to create a complete look that still feels balanced.

Need More Help?

We know how intimidating designing an eclectic living room can be. With so many options, styles, and periods to choose from, it’s impossible to figure out how to start. Don’t worry. Start a project today, and our online interior designers will help you find every piece you’ll need to create a dream modern eclectic living room that matches your style and budget.

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