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Learn with Spacejoy: How to Add More Color to Your Living Room?

by Geraldine Orentas
How to Add More Color to Your Living Room

Welcome to a new rendition of ‘Learning with Spacejoy,’ our space to answer the questions you have about designing your perfect home. Whether you need help organizing, choosing an area rug, or adding more color to your living room. We are here to answer your questions. If you also have a design question to ask, don’t hesitate to submit our question to our design hotline, and one of our designers will answer your doubts, give you advice, and even show you some ideas of how you can create a space that sparks joy. 

Dear Spacejoy

About a year ago, I re-did my living room. Like many people, I fell for the all-neutral look of creams and grays. It felt so soft and open! We love how serene the space is, but I feel like it lacks that special touch and personality that only color can offer. How do I infuse color into my room without overwhelming it?

Dear Reader

We get it. It can be easy to get carried away by the serenity of an all-neutral color palette. But, without the right accents, this decor style can look washed away and a bit sterile. While you don’t need an explosion of color around the house, it won’t hurt to incorporate some soft hues here and there to make the room feel more inviting. Here are ten fabulous and easy ways to infuse some color into your living room without having to do any major renovations. 

1. Add an Accent Wall

Accent Wall Color

Add a punch of color by creating an accent wall with a coat of paint. You have the option to bring in a bold contrasting color or to select a subtle but warm hue. Look around your living room for a contrasting color already in fabrics, for example, the most striking shade of your living room rug. If your living room is mostly creams and grays, a contrasting yet soft color could be this Night Horizon hue by Benjamin Moore

2. Literally Throw In Some Color

Add Color with Throws and Blankets

Living rooms are spaces for gathering and lounging. Throws, quilts, and blankets not only elevate your living room’s overall appearance, but they can be exceptionally comforting when you’re watching a movie. A soft throw or blanket adds depth, texture, and color to your living room. Drape them over the back or arm of your living room sofa, or place them over a chair. You can choose a complementary color to your furniture or go bold with a standout color.

3. Bring Natural Color with Greenery

Add More Color to Your Living Room with Greenery

If you don’t want to make any significant changes to your living room, then bring mother nature indoors. Whether you bring in fresh flowers every so often, bring greenery that thrives indoors, or opt for artificial florals and plants, nature has the most vivid colors to add to your living room space. Nowadays, it’s easy to find life-like plants and flowers that can fool anyone who comes close to them. Besides, they’re easy to update with the seasons, so you can feel your decor is changing continuously. 

4. Choose Bright Accessories

Spacejoy Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Bringing in a new lamp or just updating its shade to add more color and personality to your living room can go a long way. It seems like an easy update, but the truth is that your lampshades make a huge difference. Add a pair of lamps flanking a piece of art, or bring in a statement floor lamp that creates that pop of color you’re looking for. For example, we love the Emily Isabella Midnight Jasmine Lamp Shade from Anthropologie. It’s a subtle way to infuse some color and patterns into your living room without completely changing its look and feel. 

5. Use Your Rug for a Subtle Infusion of Color

Add Color with a Rug

An area rug is perhaps the most essential piece of decor in your living room after the sofa. It makes the room look more spacious and cozy. But, instead of thinking about neutral tones only, adding a bold area rug in front of a chair or under your coffee table adds texture and color instantly. Consider layering your area rug in a contrasting color or choosing a pattern with bold hints of color throughout the rug. 

6. Incorporate Bold Wall Art

Wall Art for Neutral Living Room

Adding one large and colorful art piece to your living room instantly brings new hues and shapes to the area. You can get the same effect by creating a gallery wall with less bold colors and more intricate patterns. If you need inspiration, check out some of our favorite art prints from Society6

7. Try a Statement Mirror

Statement Floor Mirror

Mirrors are extremely versatile, and they can add a pop of color to your living room in many unexpected ways. Place a large mirror by a giant wall with an artful frame, or consider a statement floor mirror. If you’re feeling crafty, try to embellish your mirror’s frame by painting it with a bright color. It will give you a subtle hint of the color you wanted. Plus, a large mirror will reflect swaths of color and light from your living room, and you won’t have to paint any walls. 

8. Have Fun with Seasonal Pillows

Add Color to Your Living Room with Pillows

Very much like throws and blankets, pillows can add a strategically-placed pop of color. Choose solids for patterned furnishing, patterned pillows for solid pieces, or mix and match patterns for a more intriguing array of colors. Have fun adding pillows and experimenting with patterns, solids, and textures. Plus, pillows are one element you can change with the season to give your living room a quick update that doesn’t require major renovations. Check out some of our favorite pillows for the season to add to your neutral-toned living room. 

9. Find a Statement Piece

Add Color to Your Living Room with a Statement Piece

You don’t need to add bursts of colors throughout your living room to make it look more colorful. A single statement piece can do all the heavy lifting for you. Pick a saturated piece of furniture. It could be a statement chair or an ottoman that doubles as a focal point. In this room, the Marie Armchair in a soft mustard hue adds a touch of color without overpowering the living room’s neutral tone. 

Another statement piece could be your sofa, a large ottoman, or a door. We also like to include pieces of furniture like a bar cabinet or a bookcase that you can find in a bold statement color to stand out from the rest of the decor. 

10- Go for Bold Windows

Add Color to Your Living Room with Window Treatments

Last but not least, don’t forget about your windows. Colorful curtains go above a bold pillow or blanket but can be the perfect element to your living room. A playful bold color against a sea of creams and grays makes your space feel fresh, fun, and simple without looking boring. Choose a bold color already found in your living room decor. Look at your rug and other furnishings to find the right hue. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a patterned style for something more impactful. 

Let’s Dream Together

As you can see, there’s no reason for your neutral-toned living room to look dull and out of life. With a few tricks, you can infuse color into your living room without changing its essence. For more living room ideas, don’t forget to visit our collection of designs to get inspiration. If you ever have questions about elevating your living room design, start a project to work with one of our interior designers. We’ll create the ultimate look for your living room using your existing pieces, bringing in new items, and considering your style and budget until we design the perfect room that sparks a bit of joy every time you walk in. 

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