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Learn with Spacejoy: How to make a big bedroom feel cozy?

by Namitha Gopal

Katie: We have quite a large bedroom space. How can I make the room feel cozy without adding too many additional pieces to the design?

Cassandra, Spacejoy Designer

Big rooms often come with their own pros and cons. While we all pine for larger spaces,  it’s a challenge to make the room feel warm and cozy without adding too many pieces but it is achievable. The key is to remember to not clutter the space. Pick only those standout pieces that exude warmth without taking up  too much space. In addition, focusing on adding in textures, whether through bedding, rugs or curtains, will help the space excude a warm feeling.

1. We start with the bed- the most important piece in your bedroom: Did you know, throughout our lives, we spend 26 years sleeping and 7 years trying to get sleep, which means we are spending approximately 33 years in bed. There is no doubt in the fact that the importance of sleep has taken precedence over other luxuries. Hence investing in a comfortable bed becomes most essential, just as much as the activity in itself.

To answer your query, we have chosen the Yelena Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed from Joss and Main. Its taller headboard automatically covers up to half the wall behind the bed.

The headboard is upholstered in the solid, neutral-toned hue of your choice making it perfect for your master bedroom. The structure of the bed also makes the room feel balanced and comfortable

2. Choose a Wide Dresser with Storage: The Donnelly 6 Double Drawer Dresser from All Modern is a great option to cover the empty spot in your room. With this, your bedroom will never fall short of storage.


3. Layer in Textures: Big spaces can instantly be made to feel cozy with layering textures. We recommend softer textiles for bedrooms like linens, wool and silks. Make sur eyou add these textures into your bedding, rug and window treatments to help bring depth into the design and a truly cozy feeling.

In the end, always remember that choosing a few larger pieces for a big space is better than adding multiple pieces which may end up making the room look cramped. In addition, focusing on adding a variety of textures into the room will help the room feel cozy and grounded.

I am leaving you with some more large bedroom inspiration that exudes nothing but warmth. Hope this helps!

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