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Lighting Ideas For Your Home!

by Spacejoy

Different types of lighting that will completely change the look and feel of your home.

Who does not know the importance of good lighting in a home? Not only does the lighting in a home changes the mood of a room, it does other magical things like make it look bigger than it really is! Of the things one should keep in mind with respect to lighting, placement and type are two critical things as they work in conjunction with colour selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.

There are many different types of lights and lamps that you can incorporate in your home to make it complete. From the top trends of season – like copper and natural elements to raging classics like rustic and brass, we’ve put together some our favorites. Let us know what you think!

Floor Lamps

Arched Floor Lamp

Arched floor lamp
Large Copper Floor Lamp

Large Copper floor lamp
Domus Floor Lamp

Domus floor lamp
Sputnik Floor Lamp

Sputnik inspired floor lamp
Table Lamps

Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze table lamp
Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp

Mid-century modern table lamp
Rustic Table Lamp

Rustic table lamp
Terracotta Drip-Glaze Table Lamp

terracotta drip-glaze table lamp
Ceiling Lamps & Lights

Modern-Contemporary Ceiling Lamp

Modern contemporary ceiling lamp
Natural Fiber Ceiling Lamp

Natural fiber ceiling lamp
Brass Ceiling Lamp

Real brass ceiling lamp
Sculptural Ceiling Lamp

Sculptural ceiling lamp

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