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Statement Ceiling Ideas For Your Home!

by Spacejoy

When it comes to home decor, there are trends a plenty…but right now, we are totally feeling the ceiling! So, what we’ve done, is put together 4 different types of ceilings which has all the potential become the talk of the town (or in this case, your home)!


ceilings with bold colors

If you’re talking statement then nothing screams louder than a striking bold color for the ceiling. When people look up at this, they’ll forget to look at anything else!


Coffered ceiling

Bold & modern – which is where it has its appeal. A coffered ceiling instantly adds depth and class to any room.


Wooden ceiling

When did anything inspired and made out of wood ever go out of style? In fact, it is one of those ever green things that immediately increases the style quotient of any room…and let’s not forget the elegance. Achieve a cabin-inspired feel in your own home by skipping standard ceiling options and going with a choice that has a bit more natural.


Shiplap styled ceiling

farmhouse-inspired, complete with the rustic feel, shiplap ceilings are becoming a popular choice for those with a more rustic sense of style. Farmhouse chic FOR THE WIN!

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