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The Best Dining Tables For Holiday Season!

by Divya Dorothy
Rustic Dining Room

With the holiday season right around the corner, we know there’s a lot of entertaining coming your way. Why not invest in a beautiful, brand-new dining table to wow your guests? You’ll love the compliments, and they’ll love the special treatment. It’s a win-win!

We all know a house is permanently a work in progress. And it stands to reason that your furniture may not be able to keep up with your ever-changing tastes. Choosing the right dining table can tie the decor of your dining room together, and what’s more, you don’t have to worry about hiding its flaws under tablecloths and runners! You can finally own a dining table that you can flaunt for the gorgeous showstopper that it is! That’s why we at Spacejoy have made a list of the best dining tables for you, just in time for the holidays. Let’s dive right in!

Malcolm Extending Dining Table 


A handsome contrast of modern and rustic, this Pottery Barn dining table is perfect for entertaining. The antique Chinese door inspires this design. This piece is masterfully crafted with a spruce top and a firm, metal base to replicate the original vintage piece.


Toscana Extending Dining Table


Inspired by the 19th Century Northern Italian workbench, the Pottery Barn Toscana dining table is a strong contender for your dining room. Designed with those characteristic X-shaped legs and a sturdy wooden frame, this dining table is perfect for large gatherings. So, if you’re the go-to hostess for most holidays and special occasions, this is the dining table for you!


Warner Round Pedestal Dining Table


A minimalistic dream, this Pottery Barn dining table is pure geometry with a good-sized serving of charm. Simplistic with a seamless design, this table offers just the right amount of elegance while being a functional masterpiece. Made with white lacquer over MDF, it is versatile and one of the best dining tables for small spaces.


Brussels Reclaimed European Barnwood Dining Table


This Pottery Barn table was handcrafted in Europe with salvaged wooden planks, making each piece unique. Inspired by the Brussels Barnwood dining table’s rustic design, this piece was created in the style of an antique farmhouse table from the French countryside.


Modern Farmhouse Extending Dining Table


A modern take on the farmhouse dining table, this beautiful piece is made for a home that entertains guests every other day. Give your dining room the dining table it deserves, made with sustainably harvested wood and an X-shaped base. This Pottery Barn dining table pairs well with its matching bench or just about any wooden chairs you place around it.




The Lerhamn is hands down the best Ikea dining room table for small spaces. It has a beautiful solid pine wood tabletop and a seamless, pure white base. Solid pine is a natural wood that ages beautifully over time, giving it a unique character ensuring that you own a one-of-a-kind piece with a singular design that can’t be replicated.




This Ikea table made of natural bamboo is a light and versatile addition to your dining room. It can easily seat six people around the table, as the sides do not have legs to get in the way. Its rounded corners come automatically child-proofed as there are no sharp edges that can prove dangerous with running toddlers around your home. We love its neutral tones and the airy design that enhances Scandinavian expression.




A space-saver if there ever were one, this table from Ikea can fit in the smallest of spaces with absolute ease. Not only is it wall-mounted, but you can also fold it away when it’s not in use. You can use it as a shelf while it’s folded down for small decor items like succulents or a pen-stand.

This small dining table is economical in every way!




This 8-seater is the best Ikea dining table for entertaining indoors. It is made of Acacia wood that has a rich brown color and a unique grain pattern. Ikea has tested this table with liquids, heat, oil, food, and liquid stains. It has proven resistant and highly durable against it all, even bumps and scratches! It can withstand years of daily use without compromising on design and structure.


Walnut Dining Table With White Marble Top

Walnut dining table with marble top

A stunning dining table that checks all the boxes; this table from Walmart is a no-brainer. Turn your dining room into the most coveted space in your home with this piece. An elegant marble top resting on a rich, deep walnut base makes this the dining table of your dreams! Place it in the center of your dining room and let the compliments come flooding in!


Weston Home Declan Gold Finish Frame With Faux Marble Top

Weston home declan table

A bold new accent piece for your dining table at nearly one fifth the price of a real marble-top dining table! How about that? We found this gorgeous dining table at Walmart, and we knew it had to be on our list!

This table has a faux marble top (but you’ll never be able to tell) and a golden frame to set off the colors beautifully. It’s sure to brighten up your dining room!


Mainstays Wood 3-Piece Tavern Set With Storage Shelves


Make the most of the space in your dining room by finding dining tables that are able to multitask like this one from Walmart. A dining table with three storage shelves to hold placemats, coasters, napkins, etc. so you don’t have to stuff these into your crockery cabinet when no one’s looking! Save space, money, and storage with this one.

Anton Dining Table

Anton dining table

This Wayfair glass dining table is a sight to behold. Give your dining room a glam upgrade with this stunning piece. This glass top round dining table has an open-design, cylindrical base with a chrome finish. The clear glass top gives it that sleek, modern look that is effortless yet chic.


Irving 45.5″ Dining Table

Irving 45.5" Dining Table

Another great Wayfair round dining table, this is a cross between a mid-century modern design and an industrial design. The magic of this dining table is that it can turn any meal into a stylish affair. Its rich wooden top and angular metal base with a dark bronze finish can transform your dining space from boring to beautiful in an instant!


Minerva Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

Minerva Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

This solid pine Wayfair dining table is timeless. The perfect mix of urban industrial style with a farmhouse style makes for a warm, inviting dining table that your guests will love just as much as you! Pick this dining table to add some rustic charm to your home without losing out on sturdiness and durability.


Nomad Dining Table Nature – Manhattan Comfort

nomadic dining table

Throw your next dinner party in style with Target dining tables. This rustic dining table focuses on expert craftsmanship and simplistic design. Its natural coloring makes it easy to fit into just about any decor theme you have running throughout your home. Invest in this statement piece that’ll never go out of style!


Astrid Mid-Century Dining Table with Extension Leaf 

Astrid Mid-Century Dining Table with Extension Leaf

Whether you’re sharing a quiet meal with your loved ones or having guests over for dinner, this target dining table can accommodate everyone with ease. It comes with an extra extension leaf to make space for more at the table. After all, more is always merrier!


Drop Leaf Rustic Dining Table

Drop leaf rustic dining table

This foldable table is perfect for everything, from everyday use to special dinner parties. Unfolded, this is a 40″ square table perfect for seating your loved ones as you share a meal or play a round of cards. This is another Target dining table that doesn’t disappoint!


Safavieh Alyssa Brown Rustic Mid-Century Dining Table

Safavieh Alyssa Brown Rustic Mid-Century Dining Table

This rustic mid-century dining table is comfort as its best. Designed with depth and character, this is one of our favourite Overstock dining tables! Finished with a warm canyon grey tone, this table rests on hairpin legs, making it a modern addition to any contemporary dining room.


Valentina Brass Round Dining Table

Dining Table Dining Table Dining Tables Save nfm.com Tov Furniture Valentina Round Dining Table

A sleek and stylish Overstock dining table makes for an elegant addition to your dining space. This six-seater, handmade Valentina dining table is a glamorous creation with an elegant brass base and a sophisticated black top. Indulge in this statement piece for your home. It’s a one-time investment you won’t regret!


Oscarine Lucite Dining Table

Oscarine lucite dining table

A minimalistic marvel, this Anthropologie dining table is making headlines for all the right reasons. Clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and a clutter-free design make this piece an elegant, eye-catching addition to your space. Get ready to entertain with this coveted dining table that is sure to elevate your style in front of your guests.


Quillen Marquetry Dining Table

Quillen marquetry dining table

This deep wooden Anthropologie dining table has a shiny brass trim along its edges and a beautiful, geometric pedestal. A striking piece that blends contemporary, traditional, and rustic decor seamlessly while elevating your decor with ease.


Did you fall in love with one of these gorgeous pieces? Start a project with Spacejoy today and let our expert designers guide you while making big decisions for your home! Not only will they help you find the perfect pieces for your space, but they’ll also make sure to keep your preferences, tastes, and budget in mind!

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